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People can lose all or part of their arm or leg for a number of reasons from birth defects and traumatic injuries to circulatory problems and cancer. In some cases, artificial limbs can be used to replace a missing arm or leg. Our prosthetic devices are designed to help restore independence by allowing patients to walk and perform daily activities on their own.

Abilene Artificial Limb is the premier center for prosthetic services serving Brownwood, San Angelo & Abilene, TX. Our Abilene office is known for our commitment to friendliness, high standards, and timely service. We always take our time to reach a true understanding of our patients’ needs. Using the latest, cutting-edge technology in the prosthetics field and our team approach, we are able to achieve optimum amputee rehabilitation results for our patients.

We work with all referral patients needing all levels of amputation, from partial foot to hemipelvectomy and partial hand to interscapular-intrathoracic. We also offer a number of ischial containment sockets.

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We offer consultations to both new and longtime amputees in the hospital, rehab clinics, or wherever else the need arises. We work with patients throughout Abilene, TX; San Angelo, TX; Brownwood, TX; and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more.


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We work closely with our patients to ensure successful treatment, from the initial consultation to checkout and follow-up visits.

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Licensed and experienced prosthetist Kent Phillips has been dedicated to rebuilding lives since our office opened in 1981.

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If you are interested in learning how our services could benefit you, we encourage you to contact us and set up an initial consultation.

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