Innovative Prosthetic Devices & Services

Proudly assisting San Angelo, TX & Beyond

At Abilene Artificial Limb, we offer the highest-quality prosthetic services in the Abilene, Brownwood & San Angelo, TX area. We take the time to work with our patients individually to find the right solutions for their needs.  We offer quality prosthetic devices and artificial limbs.

We work with referral patients needing all levels of amputation, from partial foot to hemipelvectomy and partial hand to interscapular-intrathoracic. We also offer a number of ischial containment sockets, including the following:

  • Scandinavian type flexible sockets with rigid external frame
  • Silicone and other gel type suction liners
  • Conventional and hydraulic type knee systems
  • Cushion pylons
  • Axial rotation units
  • Dynamic response foot/ankle systems 
  • Computerized control systems for the upper and lower limb
  • Myoelectric upper limb systems 
  • Lightweight fabrication techniques

Our Process Here at Abilene Artificial Limb

Our process includes various steps, and we see every case through from start to finish beginning with an initial evaluation.

Prosthetic Evaluations

These consultations with the patient and other members of the medical rehabilitation team involve consideration for comfort, optimum function, and cosmetic appearance.

Custom Design/Fit

Each of our prostheses are custom designed and fitted for each individual patient. We take extensive notes, measurements, drawings, cast impressions of the missing limb, and photos to ensure a perfect fit.

Initial Fitting and Dynamic Alignment

Preliminary or test fittings are used to determine proper size, fit and comfort. Most definitive prostheses require the use of a diagnostic socket. Prosthetic alignment changes are made to determine proper walking balance and comfort.

Prosthetic Delivery & Check Out

The prostheses is given a final 'check out' at delivery to assure it has met our standards for high quality and that it meets with the patient's approval. The patient is instructed in the use and care of the prosthesis. Finally, suggestions are made regarding any further medical rehabilitation services (such as physical or occupational therapy) that our staff feels may benefit the patient.

Follow-up Visits

One of the most important aspects of our service is scheduled follow-up visits. These visits are designed to ensure continued patient satisfaction.

Emergency Visits

If needed, we encourage our patients to schedule or visit our office for emergency needs.


Call us today if you are in the Abilene, San Angelo & Brownwood, TX areas and need prosthetic devices and artificial limbs.  Abilene Artificial Limb can help you!